Essential Oils Shower Steamers

Essential Oils Shower Steamers

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The relaxing scent of Lavender. Used widely in aromatherapy for it's relaxing benefits, countless studies have shown that Lavender Essential Oil can help relieve stress, relax the body and mind and aid with overall quality of sleep.


Relaxing aroma of fresh Pink Grapefruit. 

Used in Aromatherapy to reduce stress, stimulate circulation and enhance your overall mood, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil has been used to de-stress, and improve your mood and energy.


a blend of summer fruits will make you feel good in the morning. Capture the spirit of summer any time of the year. 

Blending Blackberry with hints of Raspberry, Apple and Blackcurrant for an exhilarating shower time. 


Blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint Essential Oils combine with the steam to release a fresh, awakening aromatherapy sensation from your shower. 

Eucalyptus essential oils with help clear the airways, breathe easy and clear any morning chesty coughs you may have, whilst the fresh Spearmint encourages alertness, energy and focus.


After a long stressful day, you need a hot shower and some uplifting aromatherapy treatment. Pop a Happy Shower Steamer at the base of your shower, and when the water hits, it reacts and infuses the steam with the uplifting and calming aroma of Sweet Orange Essential Oil, known as the Happy Oil. Used to lift your mood, reduce tension and sadness and leave you feeling Happier.

Approximately 75g