Real Crystal Incense Stick Holder

Real Crystal Incense Stick Holder

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Natural Crystal Piece, with Pre-Drilled Hole. The Most Gorgeous Incense Stick Holder!

Semi-Precious Crystals Help To Calm and Soothe, and Bring Peace and Tranquility into the Home. A Great Mental Health Boost. Light, Destress and Unwind.

Light the stick and then carefully blow out the flame. This will leave the glowing embers to smolder and release the fragrance. Never leave an incense unattended.

Pieces are Made From Natural Materials and Will Vary in Size, Shape and Appearance.

Clear Quartz - Calmness - Guidance - Spiritual Awakening

Lapis Lazuli - Peace - Harmony - Truth

Rose Quartz - Openness - Love - Forgiveness

Green Flourite - Clarity - Growth - Renewal

Tiger Eye - Courage - Power - Fearlessness

Amethyst - Openness - Purification - Spiritual Connection