About Us

If you've landed on this page you're curious to know more about us and our business and we can't wait to tell you.

We started Sapphire Home in 2019 and opened to affiliates in April 2020. We  very passionate about helping people to earn from home and are proud to support a range of small UK businesses when sourcing our products. 

Since then we've expanded massively to include a wide range of products with something for everyone. Our main focus is feel good shopping, making every purchase make you or the person you're buying for feel good.

We pride ourselves on keeping our prices competitive whilst remaining high quality. All of our bath bombs are hand made by ourselves & independent suppliers and we like to support companies within the same industry.  We are also very proud that we create and make our own unique products in house, meaning they are exclusive to Sapphire Home.

We provide a competitive affiliate plan which is very simple to earn from, every sale gives our affiliates commission and if you introduce people into the business, we also reward you for that too. We have had some amazing feedback from how easy it is to earn as we have no targets to run your business and a low personal sales volume of £50 should you wish to introduce others, there is of course no obligation to do so.

Helping make a difference to people's lives gives us the dedication to make Sapphire Home continue its growth year upon year and we are committed to the success of not just as a company, but also our amazing affiliates.

Here are some testimonials from our affiliates which mean the world to us:

"I absolutely love sapphire home, was the best choice I made this year, joined in august and just over my 6k revenue, just one Milestone already achieved in this business! Changed my life with the opportunity" 

Sapphire home is a company like no other, amazing products & service. The most simplest and easiest of compensation plans. Amazing, supportive owners who take our opinions and requests on board. I will be Forever grateful for this opportunity. Xx - Keeley

‘’ Joining Sapphire has totally changed my life after losing my job in lockdown and feeling like I wasn’t contributing financially to my family hit me hard! Paula and Beckie giving me this opportunity has boosted my confidence and given me back my self worth. I can work around my responsibilities of being a mother and earn some extra cash at the same time. The products speak for themselves I’ve done over £2k in revenue over the few short months I’ve been here and the team are amazing!! ‘’ - Emma

Sapphire home, A company I will always be grateful for. I joined this company in April just before I was due to go on maternity leave to have my little boy, unfortunately due to the COVID-19 I had to leave work earlier to shield meaning my maternity pay wouldn’t be the best. Each month I’ve earned enough with the company to cover what I had lost with my job in the nhs. I’ve been able to go out and buy my little boy treats, new toys, new clothes without even having to worry about money.
With this company your opinion is taken in to consideration. We are updated weekly on stock, asked our opinions on new products, they involve you which is really nice. You feel like a proper team.
Whilst I’ve been with sapphire home I managed to become the 4th affiliate to hit the milestone of 5k in personal sale, and I’m so close to getting a 4 figure commission a month- this company is not only just supportive but they make it easy enough for you to earn!
I’ve finally found my home with sapphire and I can’t wait to continue my journey and see what the future holds for the company, myself and all other affiliates - Sophie

Sapphire Home really stood out for me with their products. I looked more into becoming a rep and the benefits are like no other! We have a very good support network right throughout the company who are there on hand in everything you need. The products are brilliant and my customers love them, they have such beautiful smelling homes and lots of people are going to be receiving lots of beautiful gifts for Christmas. I joined as I’m a stay at home
Mum I wanted something to do during the day/evening and I’ve never looked back. I love to interact with customers and share ideas with our groups ❤️
Sapphire Home is the place to be 🥰 - Rebecca

I joined Sapphire Home off a whim, thought why not give it ago. Lost a 2nd job due to Covid, and WOW what an amazing company to work for, I've made some lovely friends, built relationships I thought ide never do!! ✨ The products are just amazing, regular updated on items in and out off stock, one of the best "work from home" companies there is. There isn't any pressure to sell or "hit" targets, do as little or as much as you want! full support and training offered if needed, it's like having an online family. ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity to join your ever expanding business - Samantha

Since joining Sapphire Home my life has changed for the better. My lack of Confidence has very much improved. The owners are very supportive the products are amazing. I am very happy I joined great team too!! - Janice

I was so nervous joining this company back in October because no confidence and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make a go at it ect but I can honestly say the best decision I ever made was to join my confidence is building so much I have done over £1700 in sales since October and it changed my life for the better the owners are amazing and my team are amazing too and the me and all my customers love the products! Just so grateful for the opportunity 💝😘😘 xxx - Rachel

Sapphire Home came at the perfect time i had a baby at home and was working for a company i didn't have faith in, i wanted a company i loved and could provide my customers the best. Joining Sapphire was an amazing move especially with covid 19 i am grateful for everything they do and so supportive from your up line to the CEO's, we are always asked our opinion and what we say is taken on board... Its more like a family than a company but you get paid for it too, amazing - Sammie

Hello everybody! I said I was going to do a video but I just haven’t found the time to do it yet, This is my journey so far with sapphire home!🥰
I started sapphire home just over 8 weeks ago and within the first month I achieved £1000 sales!🤩 amazing it was, the support and motivation you get from working with this company it’s absolutely mind blowing! Paula & Beckie are fantastic people who work soo hard for there business they are literally the nicest people you could meet & also really funny! I love working for these ladies they inspire me so much!
I have just started recruiting members onto my own team now as the confidence you get from doing this is out of this world! I was once shy & nervous and wouldn’t ever take a risk, now I’m confident and able to sell products effectively and gain big orders!
Within 8 weeks of being with this company I managed to buy myself a car with part commission and very little Savings I had, I was over the moon to be able to drive again! Commission has helped me
Pay house bills easily without struggling. I get to treat myself & my daughter every week, now before I couldn’t do that house bills was always a priority and nothing was left over to spend so sapphire home has actually changed my life for the better and made me such a better person!
If you are thinking to take the risk or take the plunge my advise would be DO IT!❤️ YOU WOULDN’T REGRET IT!❤️ - Carla 

Hi everyone.
I haven't been with sapphire home for very long and I have been with a variety of other companies but they didn't work out for me.

I love been with sapphire as its not just the company that is amazing. Its the products, prices, help and support you receive too.
And I have been made very welcome from the start and I know I can ask any question etc and someone will always be there to help me.
I am slowly building my team up and my upline is very supportive too.
It really is the best company around as fast delivery, updated stock every week, easy to use link. I really could go on.
Its just the best.
I myself work full time so I know I have the evenings to catch up on things and of course to post on my group and schedule posts throughout each day too.
I joined to earn a little extra each month to put away in an saving for myself and my 16 year old son.
Its a slow start but I ain't giving up and I am very positive in the future that myself and my little team will shine.
I would highly recommend the company and always do when advertising.
#sapphireblessed - Helen 

Hi everyone! I've been with sapphire for almost a year now! I tried a few other companies before but it never seemed to work.. with sapphire it worked from day 1!

There's so many reasons it works

.. delivery is rapid!
.. constantly bringing new stock in
.. amazing range of goodies
.. top quality stock
.. the CEOs are always on hand for advice
.. the whole team are a bunch of stars!

Genuinely the best decision I ever made, I don't feel so guilty for being at home with my boys as I'm now bringing some pennies in every month & actually enjoying it at the same time!

💕💕 - Heidi