Chakra Necklace with Tassel (8 assorted)

Chakra Necklace with Tassel (8 assorted)

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Colourful Chakra Necklace with Tassel

Choose from 8 assorted 

Purple - The Crown Chakra - pure consciousness, spiritual unity, meditation, karma & transcendence

Light Blue - The Throat Chakra - Self expression, communication, independence, fluent though and security

Dark Blue - The Brow Chakra - Balance of Higher and lower self, intuition, inner guidance, consciousness and clarity

Multi Colour - The Flower of Life - Harmony, change, beliefs, depths, reality and wisdom

Red - The Root Chakra - Sexuality, lust, obsession, stability, sensuality and security

Orange - The Sacral Chakra - Basic emotions, relationships, violence, addictions, joy, pleasure and creativity

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - complex emotions, personal power, fear, anxiety, opinions and introversion

Green - The Heart Chakra - Complex emotions, compassion, unconditional love, rejection and wellbeing