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Soap Infused Sponge

Soap Infused Sponge

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Our soap infused sponges are infused of a scented soap which is paraben, sls and sles free with excellent foaming and moisturising properties, to leave your skin smooth

Scented with a choice of fragrances including designer aftershave and perfume dupes, fruity and a clean scents.

Simply wet in the shower or bath, scrub away, and when you're done, leave it on the side to set again for next time. High in Glycerin content which moisturises, smooths, enhances and protects your skin. 

Leaves a gentle lather and a moisturising feel to the skin and used daily, this sponge can last up to 4 weeks. Also a great travel companion if you're heading away on Holiday, instead of carrying gels around.

Vegan friendly, and safe for Children over the age of 3. If you have any allergies you would like to double check with us, please contact us before ordering.

Each sponge weighs approximately 200g